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Hello friends how are you guys I know how you have reached this website and what you need to know if you also want to talk to girls and you want the latest real girls WhatsApp number 2022 then today you have come to the right place I have collected the girl WhatsApp number by working very hard, today you are not going to leave here empty handed but I want to tell you just one thing if you want to talk to any girl, then first you should talk to that girl with respect. And you just have to leave by writing a hi message, if the reply comes from there, you will be able to talk to these girls, you cannot talk to these girls by force, otherwise, these girls will block you, so let’s not long We are going to give you the list of Girls Whatsapp Number 2022.

Genuine Indian Girls WhatsApp Number

Friends, girls are very calm, but some girl is very angry, in such a situation, we boys are always afraid that we should talk to girls or not, but whether you believe me or not, girls also talk to you. The only difference is that she does not talk to you herself If you still have to try, then you can talk to your favorite girl in the list given below, these girls also want to talk to you, but I can tell you in advance, maybe it is busy in some work, then your You should reply to the message later, you have to wait till then below we are going to give the numbers of some girls, message them carefully, maybe one of these numbers is the number of the girl around you.

Friends, girls are very different, there are some girls who really try to find their true love on the internet and some of these girls are also such that they are just greedy for money, they will do anything for money. And this small friendship is also done for money and they also abscond with the money of many people. Searching girls’ numbers on the internet is not a big deal, the whole world is doing it but let me tell you one thing. That it can be very wrong to do this, you may get the number of a girl who can harm you, but where are we going to improve, we are also boys and talk to girls as given below In the list, you will find the numbers of many girls who are longing to talk to you. The list of girls’ numbers given below is very fresh, it has just been made, so no number is going to be wrong in this, you will talk to the girls very lovingly.

Name:- Komal

Age:- 23 Yrs

Whatsapp Number:- +918475226 Msg ME

Name:- Raveena

Age:- 21 Yrs

Whatsapp Number:- +918647522 Msg Me

Name:- Seema

Age:- 22 Yrs

Whatsapp Number:- 917536633 Msg ME

Name:- Keerti

Age:- 23 Yrs

Whatsapp Number:- +91475363 Msg ME

Name:- Suman

Age:- 25 Yrs

Whatsapp Number:- +96482632 Msg ME

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online girls whatsapp number

Sonal +91 85756235
Kavita +91 78746965
Meena +91 74718996
Manju +91 74841633 Msg ME
Anju +91 98952626
Rohini +91 84584826
Ritu +91 85629856
Shamita +91 84785474 Msg ME
Shilpa +91 74848/66

Indian girls Whatsapp number

Friends, there are many such girls in India who are unable to make boyfriends and they need boys to talk to, with whom they can share their sorrows and pains, in such a situation there are some girls who only want to take advantage of boys. Yes, Indian girls are very beautiful, it is very difficult to find the mobile number of Indian girls, but we have made a list below for you. Indian girls wear all kinds of clothes like jeans pants, ghagra choli, sari, suit, for this reason, Indian women are very famous all over the world, in terms of beauty, there are many beautiful women found in India, foreign people also marry Indian women. are |

Geeta +91 85894591
Seema +91 95989223 Msg ME
Rekha +91 84785483
Neha +91 71454892
Karishma +91 78145481
Tamanna +91 74128985
Surbhi +91 85958622 Msg ME
Swweety +91 74586522
Kavita +91 78748974

Genuine Indian Girls Whatsapp Number

Nisha +91 78445562
Neha +91 84784216
Neelam +91 95789962 Msg ME
Priya +91 87484856
Bantu +91 78484123
Baby +91 84489622
Suman +91 98485489 Msg ME
Rekha +91 74845614
Sheetal +91 74845625

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Latest Tamil Girls Whatsapp Number List

Rekha +91 96656921
Ritu +91 98562545
Yasmeen +91 84786963
Shipy +91 98787564
Komal +91 75895555
Madhuri +91 78478447
Raveena +91 72557373
Tapsi +91 88863254
Diya +91 88976149

Pakistani Girl Whatsapp Number

Sukanya +91 98895925
Janifer +91 78445962
Shreya +91 78945646
Kareena +91 77845133
Sweety +91 95896562
Katrina +91 84562310
Khushbu +91 95612300
Kavya +91 74520233
Neha +91 71560336

Girls WhatsApp number 2022 | Desi girls for friendship 2022

Often desi girls are found in the village but they also want to talk to boys and since the arrival of Jio, everyone has a smartphone today’s time, WhatsApp numbers of desi girls are found very easily if the girl wants to. You can talk, but first, tell them that girls are very angry, maybe if they abuse you directly, then talk to them with love.

Name:- Babita

Age:- 22

WhatsApp Number:- 951483331 Msg ME

Name:- Kavita

Age:- 23

WhatsApp Number:- 958636634

Name:- Hina

Age:- 22

WhatsApp Number:- 965855662 Msg ME

Name:- Madhu

Age:- 20

WhatsApp Number:- 988256661

Name:- Rajni

Age:- 19

WhatsApp Number:- 988563661 Msg ME

Conclusion ( Girls Whatsapp Number 2022 )

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